Encroachments galore in Wakad; citizens worry due to lackadaisical attitude


Encroachments and constant traffic jams have annoyed the residents of Wakad.

According to the development plan of Datta Mandir road, the width of the road from Wakad chowk to Dange chowk should be 45 metres, however, the road is only 24 metres. But now the road is encroached by the hawkers.

“The road links Wakad to PCMC and is quite crucial. In 2012, only 24 metre road was constructed. But the land was then encroached by temporary sheds and now developed into permanent shops. I have written a letter to Shravan Hardikar, Pimpri -Chinchwad commissioner to look into the development plan of the road from Wakad chowk (Datta Mandir road) to Dange chowk. This is the second time I have written to the commissioner, to complete the work of the road. The width of the road is supposed to be 45 metres, however, currently the width is only 24 metres”, said Sandip Kaspate, local corporator.

“There is temporary encroachment which will be removed when we acquire the land.” Said Satish Ingale, encroachment Department, PCMC.

“All we want, is the PCMC to complete the road as mentioned in the development plan. Whether the road is small or big, it’s not our concern, our concern is it should be commutable. Whatever is plan it should be implemented, we must get footpaths, cycling tracks and all.” Said Sudhir Deshmukh Resident from Sucasa society.

“The road is 1.8 kilometres and there are shops, hotels and slums on both sides of the road. The road was built with the intention of reducing traffic, however, PCMC has only constructed a part of the road, and have left the residents to tackle the encroachment problem,” said Yuvraj Huge, a resident from Nandan Inspera.

“There is heavy traffic congestion at Wakad chowk, Utkarsh chowk and further along the road where it narrows down due to the shops on both the sides.There are no pedestrian crossings, or footpaths on both the sides of the road. We have approached the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation commissioner to look into the matter and clear the encroachments at the earliest,” said K C Garg Secretary Pimpri Chinchwad Housing Federation. 


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