Franklin Fernandes - A New Artist In The Making


Pune has a number of singer and musicians and quite a few of them follow their dream and reach the top. Pune Pulse interviewed Franklin Fernandes, an artist, singer and song writer from Pune who is chasing his dreams of creating and providing his content to the audience that look up to the music and entertainment industry. 

“It was amazing to see my debut single - Fly was streamed over 50 Thousand Times all over the globe on all the platforms” Franklin shared his excitement.

He never set out to be a songwriter but was inspired to kickstart the journey after getting a sense of how he felt better after writing down his feelings on a piece of paper.

Franklin claim’s “It is a difficult journey to undertake especially with English numbers in hand. Language matters but music is a universal language and it gets connected and never know touches peoples life when actually needed.” He mentioned that he has written more than 20 songs till now and half of them are set to release in 2019. 

“We have an interesting Album - Web series coming down in the second half of 2019 and  I am quite excited to see how people would react to the music and the story, we have just released - Honours  - one of the songs in the album this oct as a sneak peek of what’s coming ahead and its quite unpredictable as I am not sticking to a particular genre and working on it with what sounds good to me and I am sure the listeners will love it.”, he added.  


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