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Is your attitude wrong ?


Pune’s ranking has dropped in the recent national survey of Swachh Survekshan national rankings from 10th position in 2018 to 37th position in 2019. Dipti Barve spoke to Pune Pulse readers to know what went wrong ? “Was it the administrative failure or citizens failure to support PMC in making our city cleanest?”

Mandar Raravikar, Baner

It is a total failure from the local authorities and the administration. The administration took “Swachha Bharat” very lightly or ignorantly. There is no proper mechanism to collect Dry Waste on day to day basis. People throw garbage on the empty plots or the road sides or corners. Regular inspection and audit needs to be conducted, particularly at the non-gated locations and more awareness needs to be created or else spot fine/penalty needs to be imposed.


Shreekant Ranade, Aundh

The will to keep the city clean is very weak in the residents, they want a clean city, but will not even walk 5 feet to dump a disposable tea cup unless the dustbin is right next to them. I have observed the efforts taken by the civic administration, the garbage was not visible at most of the places. I would say that these efforts should have been taken up as a ‘madness’ or as a passion by the people working in the civic administration. The politicians should make it a prestige issue and the residents should be motivated by them, by doing whatever in their style.


Smita Dimber, Baner

personally believe that we should not be depending on some entity to keep our city clean. PMC should not be blamed. In fact they are the ones who are helping us. It should be responsibility of every individual to keep the city clean. Once we grow up, we don’t depend on parents to maintain our personal hygiene.

Likewise we as a city are growing up, aspiring to be a smart city we need to be smart enough to keep our city clean. It more a collaborative effort than a blame game.


Yamini Adbe, Baner

In a city Cleanliness and civic etiquette always remain joint responsibility of administration and civil society.  Each member of society carry equal responsibility of keeping the city clean.  I have seen people who happily throw litter around in their own country, they behave very different when they go abroad. I think the fear of getting heavy penalties makes them follow the rules strictly. The awareness should be generated, organized waste disposal mechanism is to be provided, rules and acts are to be formulated and heavy penalties should be imposed.


Rupesh Junawane, Aundh

According to me, it is administrative failure and not citizens’ failure to keep Pune city cleanest.Pune’s drop in the Swachh Survekshan national rankings from 10th position in 2018 to 37th position in 2019. Did Pune deserve 10th Place at all?Many of its waste treatment plants were not functioning leading to the consistent increase of waste in the dumping grounds. Do Municipal vehicle travel daily, once to households and twice to commercial areas and slums collecting garbage that is sent to the trenching ground via transportation hub?


Anagha Bhore, Balewadi

When we blame PMC for not picking up garbage on daily basis, everyone should think honestly and answer the question that have I took any special efforts to keep my neighbourhood clean enough? As we keep our home clean and also teach our children to keep it clean, likewise we should teach them to keep our area clean also. When we see clean cities in other countries, we appreciate the citizens’ manners in keeping city clean. It is kind of team work.