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Punekars come out and express your concerns


Foram Mehta, a city based social activist stands in the support of recent the victim who was attacked in Baner. Foram is a city and national coordinator for a national movement called #IWillGoOut which focuses on making public spaces safe for women. She is also a co-founder of an initiative called ‘Bola’ which works with survivors of sexual abuse. Foram shared her views with Pune Pulse with regards to this case.

What is your stand about the Baner victim attack case ?

For me, their bail has been a clear case of a system failure. Where the victim is running pillar to post seeking proof, and justice for the brutal violence she faced, and the two perpetrators are  out there free, knowing that the they are free to do this again to someone else, because the system has allowed them do so. I understand that the laws and systems can have loopholes. Where they could have procured a bail from the court. This is normally when one does not have enough proof. In this case there was/is enough proof to have not let them free.

How you are going to help the victim?

I will help the victim by let her know that there are many people out there watching her back, following the case, and demanding justice for her, and everyone other woman on the street.

What is your advice to all girls about tackling such situations?

This is an ironical as well as a rhetoric question. I don’t know what different could any girl have done here. I would have been traumatized and so angry if I was in her place. I respect the courage and strength she and her family has shown in such a tough time.

I hope that we all stand up for our rights and against this injustice. This is not just about her case but about all the women in Pune and India to whom these streets (public spaces) belong to also. I know that when people come together, no other power can suppress it. 

 (As told to Dipti Barve)