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Delay in work irks citizens


Work of grade separator at Jagtap Dairy signal is a big inconvenience

After the opening of one way flyover, the work for grade separator has begun at Jagtap dairy. It is said it will take almost a year to complete. As the congestion is yet not solved. People have to suffer through the same situation but this time, for an additional time. The estimated cost for this subway is Rs 8.69 crore. Till date 3 crores has been spent for the work. And is estimated to complete within 15 months. Under this subway only, underpass near Govind garden chowk and grade separator at Jagtap dairy is also included.

“The work for second flyover is started. Due to the pole and one way traffic, it was going quite difficult and taking time to do the work. So now we have diverted the traffic, and are trying to complete and start at least one lane, road going to Wakad through Jagtap dairy. Within six months we will try to open the road.” Said Shatrughna Kate, Corporator

“We are shifting the lines. Once the lines are shifted the further construction will get start.” Said Vitthal Kate Corporator

“As the bridge work is going on, it’s taking delay. Taking the note of bridge work, grade separator work and the traffic congestion we have started our work and will do it accordingly.” said BRT speaker Vijay Bhojane

“Until the work gets finish, they must start the BRT route, as currently the road has become congested. And soon they should allow the right turn towards Kalewadi.” said Vinod Surve Chairman Kunal icon Society.