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I am glad that Pune Pulse is completing its first year. Within limited resources, team Pune Pulse has done a great job of covering political, civic and sports & cultural issues of Wakad & Pimple Saudagar in one year. The 'Swaranjali' of Rose Icon is specially thankful to the Pune Pulse for covering its

- By Anil Mayekar, Rose Icon | Aug 19,2016 | Testimony


Pune Pulse is the easily accessible media through which we can point out the issues in our area. The pune pulse team is doing fantastic work to coordinate to local people and route the issues through proper channel.

- By Jitendra Chaudhari | Dec 22,2015 | Testimony

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Pune Pulse is doing a yeoman service by absolutely unbiased reporting especially of the local issues & events, to the residents of Wanowarie, Undri & Kondhwa which comes as a breath of Fresh Air for us. True to its name it has the Pulse of the area for the entire family who looks forward to reading, quit

- By Rtn Rajesh BAHL | May 05,2016 | Testimony


The newspaper ‘Pune Pulse’ is very helpful for its readership and worth keeping for its reference. It is a triumph of hard work and good editing and a tribute to the existence of EASE. I relate better to my surroundings after ensuring a copy.

- By Sandra DSouza | May 06,2016 | Testimony

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In a short time, Pune Pulse has emerged as an authentic voice of Wakad, Pimple Suadagar and Chinchwad. It is forming a strong bond and a bridge between residents and authorities. Other newspapers highlight problems. Pune Pulse team becomes a partner in solving the problem, finding solutions and monitorin

- By K.C. Garg, Edenn Tower Wakad | Aug 19,2016 | Testimony

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Pune Pulse has not only helped civilians to raise their voice but also helped highlighting the issues to get senior administration to act fast on it. We can call Pune Pulse as people voice and it also help us to know the development in local area and around the city.

- By Sandeep Kalley, Resident, Poorva Residency | Aug 19,2016 | Testimony


It provides a capsule of news and happenings. It is a true blend of the new initiatives by residents, celebration reports, etc.

- By Akanksha Agrawal, The Verve Image Consulting | Aug 19,2016 | Testimony


Pune Pulse might be covering a small part of PCMC, but still its one of the most awaited newspaper and always informative. It keeps me aware of the events and updates about the surroundings.

- By Sejal Waghmare Leon Orbit, Rahatani | Aug 19,2016 | Testimony

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Special applause to the very enterprising duo - Renuka Agarwal & Rahul Agarwal. Our very own friendly neighbourhood weekly ‘PUNE PULSE” keeps you abreast with all local happenings, events, whether it is the PMC, government developmental work, resident’s grievances,or achievements.

- By Maithily Manakwad, President, Windsor Avenue | Aug 19,2016 | Testimony

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I have been a regular advertiser with Pune Pulse for a long time. I must say this is the best advertising media for local businesses. I have been generating regular enquiries for my classical dance academy.

- By Anuradha Thorat, Founder, Nupoor Dance Academy | Aug 19,2016 | Testimony

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Classified section helps to know the nearest doctors, tuitions and classes. Advertisements are good and we get to know what is happening in our locality.

- By Jigisha Priyadarshi, Sun Shree The Gold | Aug 19,2016 | Testimony


It has excellently captured the issues and bridged the void between residents and local authorities.

- By Akhilesh Singh, President, Rose Parade | Aug 19,2016 | Testimony

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Pune Pulse is very informative and gives good coverage on our neighbourhood. Wishing Pune Pulse on their 1st Anniversary and congratulating them for rendering a selfless service to the society.

- By Paramjeet Tippy Wahan, Sunshree F | Aug 19,2016 | Testimony


Pune Pulse has a brilliant team of dedicated workers and with a friendly work environment, can only aim for high results. Co-ordinating with Renuka and Rahul has been a real honour and we value each and every interaction.

- By Avro Chatterjee, Secretary, Green Valley | Aug 19,2016 | Testimony

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Glad to have such a newspaper as it helps to know about everything in our area.

- By Sangeeta Kulkarni, Secretary, Kumar Pragati | Aug 19,2016 | Testimony

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It gives info of the smallest thing from our area. I hope it becomes a daily newspaper soon.

- By Ganesh Wanavdikar, Ganga Sampatti | Aug 19,2016 | Testimony

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On behalf of entire Sunshree “D” Society, we extend our heartiest congratulations to Pune Pulse for successfully completing glorious 2 years. It plays a crucial role in delivering essential information, reporting and making comments in a meaningful and relevant ways. The weekly continues to deliver balanced local and homeland news. At times the news and comments are challenged, which in turn makes community leaders and members evaluate and reassess their positions. This makes for vibrant and stimulating discussion and community-building.

- By - Angela Fernandes | Nov 03,2017 | Testimony

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